Monday, August 10, 2009

The fish stick critic.....

Our 8 year-old food critic thought the fish sticks I made were "okay." Since he only ate three of them, I have used my deductive skills to conclude that he didn't really like them but had the good sense to be polite. He's learning the man answer early. You know the one. It's what you get when you ask a man how those shoes go with this dress or if he likes your new 'do. He says whatever he thinks you want to hear. I'm so glad David at least makes an attempt to give me his honest opinion (bless his heart, I'm sure it's not easy). I'm not sure what other women want, but I really DO want to know if that hat looks totally hideous on me. I won't wear it and embarrass myself if it does!

Anway..... back to the food. We did manage to find the grape ice cream at the grape festival. I admit I was naively expecting this creamy homemade version made from local grapes. While I can't say for sure that it wasn't homemade and from local grapes (because I didn't watch them make it), I will say that it looked like the typical soft-serve fare that you can get at a chain restaurant. Only this was faintly purple and did have a grape-y flavor. Oh I finished it and liked it, but the lilac soft-serve wasn't quite what I'd had in mind. Oh well. I never did find those local grapes that they were selling. I saw someone walking around with them, but never saw the vendor myself. Again.... oh well. There's always next year, right?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will homemade fish sticks hold up to 8-year-old critic?

So, I'm picking up my nephew, Noah, tommorrow after work. I've planned hot dogs for dinner that night (how many kids don't like hot dogs right?). The Tontitown Grape Festival is going on, so of course ,we will be riding all the rides the pocketbook will allow and will splurge on grape ice cream (wonder if it's very purple?). But for one meal Saturday, I'd like to make a healthy fish sticks version. I made these for David and myself one night and we LOVED them. But will an 8 year old boy? We shall see! I'm looking forward to it!

No pictures today... just links to follow...

- The fish sticks recipe I use

- Tontitown Grape Festival